ARB siderails and the use I've found for them:

Not wanting to waste the ARB siderails, I'm slowly recycling them into useful things.

First thing I had to do was find somewhere to store them, side of the house was ok,
temporarily at least - I have orders to get rid of them real soon!

The first recycling project required cutting the front portions of three of the siderails. A pipe cutter works great for this job, nice clean cuts.

After welding the three members to form a triangular base I welded them to some of the left over rectangular stock from some of the siderails I've made. This forms the base and stand for my bench grinder. A flat plate was then cut and welded to the top of the stand and then the grinder bolted down to it. The base is filled with small off-cuts of steel and the plates from a dead battery - this acts as ballast to prevent the whole thing tipping over!