Another trip to Hollister - June 2001

Amando was itching to go to Hollister again - and play with his new 35" MTRs.

I was also looking forward to trying the 285 MTRs (Amando's ex-tyres)...

Amando & friend in his 80
David, wife & kids in their 80
Jay &  friend in his stock 80 (DEFINITELY needs wife approval for more toys!!)
Myself & son in our 80

We all did the stair climb - here's Jay going up with his open diff 80 - an excellent job.

Playing in the bowl near the entrance of the park. This is a nice little climb out - definitely difflocks required.

Ah - Jay's stock 80 - attempting different lines to try and get his unlocked 80 up. The result was a nice little stuck.

Can't go forward and can't go backwards. But, never to give up (and resort to a shovel) - it was Amando's turn to use his winch.

Jay's 80 getting extracted from his stuck. Just a little dimple to the plastic bumper - time for a Kaymar Jay!

Truck hill - and Amando heading up. Only Amando & I tackled and conquered truck hill this day - MTR's are nice tyres...

Nearly there - the worst of it has been conquered - the spot where most get stuck and dig LARGE holes.

Quite a steep hill - gets worse as the dry season progresses as more people get stuck and spin & dig.

Just before the top - good view of Amando's decapitated ARB - looks a bit better each time I see it ;-) 35" MTRs really look nice on the 80!

At the top - showing off. Good looking tyres & snorkel.  Pretty nice sliders too ;-)