Outrigger details

All the outriggers are fabricated from 3x2" box section with 1/8" wall thickness.

All the backing plates & gussets for the outriggers are made from 3/16" thick plate.

U-Bolts are custom manufactured and the details are:

Note the distance between the legs is from the inside of each leg. For the center/center distance add 1/2" (2 times the radius of each U-bolt leg.

To assemble an outrigger, I U-bolt the backing plate into position. I then position the outrigger and adjust its position until I have about 1/4" between the bottom of the rocker sill and the top of the outrigger. I then mark the position of the outrigger onto the backing plate. Then I remove the backing plate and weld off-vehicle the outrigger at the marked position.

The first drawing set is for the rear most PS and DS outriggers. The outriggers are identical.

The next drawing set is for the middle USDS outrigger.

The next drawing is for the front USDS outrigger. The plate for it is above (FRMIDDPLATES.PDF).

The next drawing set is for the middle USPS outrigger.

The next drawing set is for the front USPS outrigger - this is the one that goes under the catalytic converter.

If you want to download the a ZIP file that contains the .dxf version of the above pdfs then click here. With the dxf files you can import them into a CAD package and modify them or whatever takes your fancy.

To assemble the USDS slider I bolt up all three finished outriggers and then support the slider with a couple of jack-stands. Shim up as necessary and use an angle grinder for fine tuning. Then tack weld the slider to the outriggers. Pull the lot off and finish the welding.

Please refer to the photos and write-up from the previous 'page' for clarification of the drawings and further welding and fabrication hints.

All the drawings were entered using the free Learning Edition version of Turbocad. Visit http://www.imsisoft.com/ to download your own copy if you are so inclined.