Washer Bottle & Relocation

I already had a dual battery installation and initially relocated the washer bottle behind the cruise control module.

After adding the supercharger, the factory washer bottle was too big to fit anymore, because the outlet of the air filter assembly interferes with it.

The following is a picture of the new bottle (from a Toyota Corolla - p/n 85331-12690, get it for about $38 from john_hocker@sierratoy.com). You recycle the pump and gasket from your original washer bottle. The bracket picks up the bottom pin of the bottle to hold the weight and stop it from bouncing around. The bracket has not yet been welded to the support bracket - that's what the tab at the top right of the picture is for.

One of the trial fits of the washer bottle. You can see the straight bar (from above) bolted to the body using the two cruise control mounting bolts. 

Another view from higher above (no washer for the bottle's right hand tab welded on yet)

Another view of the bracket, the right side tab is clearly visible. This tab is tack welded (for final adjustment) to a straight bar that uses the two cruise control mounting bolts to fix it to the body. I'll have to weld a couple of gussets from the tab to the straight bar too - to add some rigidity. You can also see a washer tacked to the top bracket (top right of bottle). There is a tab on the washer bottle that 'inserts' into the washer to hold it secure.


In the following picture you can see the gusset that was added between the main washer bottle bracket and the mounting bracket. The wood is a jig that I built using the prototype bracket as the 'master'. That way I can build more brackets a lot easier since I can just bolt the metal down onto the wood and then tack weld all the pieces together.

Another view of the bracket mounted onto the jig.

Just need to clean up the bracket and give it a couple of coats of paint.