Winch Isolator switch

Old write up from when the MQ was 24V, it is now fully 12V including the winch. I still run a marine switch, but now it fully isolates the two 12V batteries (main & aux) from each other and allows routing of either one to the winch or connected together to provide a self jump-start. Check out the 24V to 12V conversion page for further info.

To isolate the +24V to the winch requires a high amperage rated switch.

Blue Sea 9006 Specs:


10 sec on 2 sec off 600A
300 sec on 375A
Continuous 250A

Click for more information regarding the Blue Sea 9006.

The Warn 8274 that is installed in my Nissan is a 24V model. At full load the 8274 draws 275A - well within the capability of the 9006.

The following picture shows the installed isolator switch.