4WDs always require modifications to make them more trail ready

My MQ patrol started life as a brand new 1980 SWB diesel with 4 speed manual gearbox.
It had 24V electrics, now converted to 12V. It has been a reliable and rugged 4wd and I'll more than likely keep it for my lifetime.

The following after market accessories and modifications have been made to it.


Tyres etc:





Wish/todo list:

Repair History (catastrophic failures/design flaws):

Plus the standard wear and tear of components to be expected from a 20yr vehicle that spends most of its mileage on dirt tracks etc.

Here it is, RD27 ARB locker for the MQ's front diff. Much to Perth ARB's embarrassment, they had a slight install hickup necessitating the complete removal of axles and diff. Second time lucky and my MQ now has a functional front locker that still allows me to go around corners (when unlocked) ;-)

The boys at Perth ARB did a great job and are a great crew to deal with.

Recommended oil for the lockers is Limited Slip 90 weight.